Gifts-in-Kind, Transportation and Logistics

PPF receives literally “tons” of medicine and relief supplies from generous partners in the United States.  These goods are no good to the persecuted however if they are not transported to the field.  The Transportation and Logistics fund allows us to deliver these gifts to the needy.  This is a critical component of our ministry.

Gifts-in-Kind (GIK) are things such as medicine and shoes that are donated to PPF, provided that we are able to deliver them.  By partnering through a Gifts-in-kind donation, you can multiply your gift many times over.  GIK exponentially increases the resources available to help persecuted families. One recent GIK to PPF provided a 20-1 match (that is, every $1 donated translated into $20 worth of gifts). It also multiplies the impact of other gifts by freeing limited financial resources to launch other ministry projects.

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