Medical Services

Imagine living in an area where the nearest “hospital” is several days walk from your home. And there’s no ambulance service. There are not even reliable roads half the year.

Lack of clean water, poor hygiene and nutrition, and oppressive weather conditions form the perfect storm for disease and death.

That is why one of the first things PPF built in the Darfur refugee community of Jach was a medical clinic. It doesn’t look like much by western standards, but it represents hope to the thousands of refugees that have no alternative.
PPF’s clinic serves 14 other primary health care units surrounding Jach, covering a refugee population of 205,000. This represents 10 percent of the total Darfur refugee population.

PPF’s medical service fund includes everything from building clinics and purchasing ambulances and other emergency vehicles and equipment to distributing donated medicines and training doctors and nurses. Air evacuation, the cost of bringing in healthcare professionals for eyeglass and dental clinics, wheelchairs specially designed for rugged terrain … all are covered by this vital project.

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