Sign the Pledge

Signing the pledge for Darfur is a simple process that anyone can do. It is not a commitment to us, you are committing to yourself that you will be active in serving the persecuted. We will do our best to provide you with information and strategy in order to be most effective in your mission.

This pledge is a simple declaration that you will not ignore the situation in Darfur, but provide action with compassion in the following way:

Start where you are

Host a coffee get together with a few of your friends, business acquaintances, or relatives. We will provide you with videos, a facts sheet about Darfur, scripture references and a list of current needs.

Use what you have

After reviewing the information from our Get Active packet, what abilities or talents do you recognize you have that could be funneled towards Sudan? Do you have a piece of artwork that you could auction? Perhaps you could clean out the garage and give the proceeds to Sudan? Perhaps you could add a link to your MySpace or Facebook account?

Do what you can

After you decide how you can be active, fill out The Pledge that you are able to make. You can be involved in all of our projects by donating towards the “where needed most” category or choose a specific area of involvement.